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Not All Classrooms Have 4 Walls!

Why should you trust me when it comes to getting food on the table and teaching your kids important life skills?

Not only was I raised by a daddy who was an avid gardener and a momma who was an OG lunchroom lady back in the day when cafeteria food was delicious, but I’m an experienced educator with 32 years of experience under her belt! I’ve also raised 2 thriving kids to adulthood and I’m a hands-on grandparent helping to raise the next generation!

Let’s grow and cook all the things together while teaching our kids and grandkids to be industrious and happy along the way!

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4 Easy-to-Grow Culinary Herbs Ideal for Small Spaces

Fresh culinary herbs are a great way to bring the flavors of your dishes to life. Unfortunately, they can be expensive to buy at the grocery store and they aren’t always in season. Although you can use their dried counterparts in your favorite recipes, they just don’t deliver the same flavor profile. Fortunately, you can enjoy fresh herb flavor all year long and you don’t need a ton of space to do it.

Spiced Cranberry Spritzer Recipe

This delightful cranberry spritzer recipe is a delicious way to celebrate the holiday season. Here, the classic flavor combination of cranberry, orange, and cinnamon is complemented by the unexpected addition of cumin. Add a little vodka for a fun adults-only treat, or skip it for a pleasant mocktail everyone can enjoy. Cheers!

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