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Pinterest Made Me Do It!

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You've Been Pinning Again Today, Haven't You? 

We all get that itch to declutter, remodel, and organize everything in sight from time to time. 

We go on pinning frenzies and decide to refurbish an end table or turn a mason jar into a soap dispenser. We just KNOW that cute little basket on that last pin is the epic answer to the ugly Q-tip box in the bathroom or we can turn all of those PVC pipes leftover from the plumbing job into storage containers for the garage.

What.. ev... er...

pinterest made me do it

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Organizing and decluttering are great, but don't be lured by a thousand Pinterest projects. What might be the perfect solution for one person's problems might not work out so well for you. 

What Is Your Home's Purpose?

Depending on your lifestyle, your home's purpose might differ greatly from mine. Some people need a partying bachelor pad with wine storage, while others need a family home that has a nicely organized pantry. Others, like me, simply need an organized apartment with a focused office area and a sweet bedroom sanctuary.

Before you embark on any organizing and decluttering project, you need to make sure you know what you're aiming for overall. 

What Is This Particular Room's Purpose?

As you go from room to room, take note with a critical eye and figure out what you need each area to do. 

I live with my 16-year old daughter. There's no need for toy storage in my bathrooms, but someone with a 2-year old might desperately need that organization. 

I also keep a pretty box on the back of my toilets filled with feminine products and an extra roll of toilet paper. If I were giving a splashy 2-year old a bath every night, my pretty cardboard box would have probably disintegrated in the first week. 

Keep things like this in mind before you break out the big guns and actually commit to a project.

What Is The Tone Of The Room?

It also helps to determine what you want each room's tone to be. 

  • Harmony?
  • Comforting?
  • Ordered?
  • Sanctuary?
  • Beautiful?
  • Warm?
  • Simple?
  • Productive?

When I'm in my office area, I need a simple ordered set-up. If I let too many trinkets and such invade the area, I start to become less productive because I'm distracted.

The bedroom is on the opposite end of the scale. It's my sanctuary and I want a girly area with a lot of feminine touches. Trinkets abound here and I'm ok with that in my bedroom. 

Don't Overlook Color!

Color is another important aspect of a room. I had a friend that turned her rich, red dining room into an office. She quickly figured out that organization was not enough. Although the rich color had been perfect for a dining room, it was jarring to her while she tried to work, so she wound up repainting the entire room. 

And it's ok for those colors to change as you mature. When I was younger, my favorite color to decorate with was sage green. After my divorce, I was surprised to find that my tastes changed and I now favor a feminine palette of pastel colors with touches of white and silver.

If you've lived with a certain color scheme for a while, it's perfectly ok to step back and decide whether or not you need to move on and try something new... just make sure you're not doing it because you spotted a darling neon green rocking chair project that will clash with your grey and yellow living room. 

Although you don't want one single Pinterest project to sway you into making a decision you'll regret later, it can actually help you with color scheme decisions. You might have that one neon green item pinned, but if you'll look at your boards overall, which colors do you find yourself gravitating towards and repinning? THOSE are the colors that you need to consider for redecorating. 

Get Your Game Plan Together!

By figuring out the answers to these questions BEFORE you start, you'll have a vision to guide you and help simplify your organizing or decorating decisions.

This beginning step will help you decide what to keep, what to throw out, which colors will work best for you, how to organize your things, and whether or not some fresh additions are needed somewhere.

In other words, your home will truly be YOUR home and not some mishmosh of Pinterest fails. 

Over to you!

In the comments, fess up and share a Pinterest project that you should have just walked away from! LOL

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