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Have You Trimmed Your Expenses Lately?

Budget Money Saving Tips & Ideas

Let's Trim That Budget Down!

When I decided to start on this journey, one of the first things that I looked at was how I could trim my budget.

I know... I know... we've all heard the same advice about forgoing that morning latte. Instead, I decided to review my monthly bills and spend a little time on the phone canceling services or trying to negotiate a better rate. 

trimming expenses

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Tips for Trimming Your Budget

Here are four things I did that added up quickly:

1. I called my cell phone provider and had an associate go over plans. By doing this, I not only managed to save a bit on my bill, but I also scored a discount because I'm a teacher employed by a school district. Lesson learned... always ask your cell phone company if they offer discounts for your employer! 

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2. I ditched satellite TV. The dang bill was outrageous and I found that my daughter and I had been gravitating towards Netflix more and more anyway. That was an easy $80 savings per month!

Bonus: Now we have no commercials to contend with! Yay!

3. I shopped around for insurance policies. I'm still in the midst of this one because it does take a bit to make sure you have adequate coverage with a reliable company. I've already whittled my bill down with my current company... now to see if I can save more elsewhere. 

Bonus: You get to make sure everything is up-to-date and you don't have bloat in your bill. If you have the savings available, you might up your deductible to save even more!

4. I dumped the gym. Yeah... I admit... I'm one of those members who had the auto-draft set up, but can't tell you the last time I set foot inside. *blush*

Bonus: No more guilt every time I look at my monthly statement and realize I've paid for ANOTHER month I didn't use! 


So, that's it for my first baby steps. Have you done anything lately to cut your bills? If so, share in the comments!

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