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5 Genius Uses For Ice Cubes

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Our dog, Percy, loves to munch on ice cubes as a snack in the summertime heat. I was giving him a few to play with this morning when it dawned on me that I use ice cubes for several different life hacks. 

I know... I know... When you're thinking about hacks, using ice cubes as a tool seems a little odd, but read on for 5 handy tips for doing more than adding them to your drink.

genius uses of ice cubes

Erase Tea Stains From A Pitcher

We Southerners make gallons and gallons of sweet iced tea. Unfortunately, our pitchers tend to become very stained because of it. I use the abrasive power of ice cubes and salt to scrub and make mine sparkle again. 

Quick Fix: Toss 3-4 Tablespoons of salt inside a pitcher with 5 ice cubes. Swish the combo around for a few minutes and rinse well. 

Make Reheated Rice Fluffy

We always seem to have leftover rice, but we've never liked to reheat it because it dries out and becomes gummy. Ice cubes to the rescue!

Quick Fix: Place the cooked rice in a bowl and stuff an ice cube into the middle. Cover loosely and microwave for 2 to 3 minutes to reheat. As the ice cube melts, the rice absorbs the moisture and comes out of the microwave nice and fluffy.

Cook A Juicy Burger

With summer in full swing, you can bet your bottom dollar that we're firing up the grill a few times a week here in the South. Burgers are one of the go-to favorites. Unfortunately, they dry out fast on a grill. 

Quick Fix: When forming your burger patties, mold the meat around an ice cube. As the burger heats up and the ice melts, it bastes the patty from the inside and comes off the grill extra juicy!

Extra Tip: I keep ice cubes made of beef broth in my freezer. Use these instead of ice cubes made of water for an extra flavor boost. 

Keep Plants Hydrated

Don't you love hanging potted plants? They're so pretty on the porch, but watering them can be tricky. I hate climbing up on a step stool or chair because it's more dangerous on a porch. On the other hand, I seem to soak myself every time I try to raise the watering can up high enough to reach them.

Quick Fix: Toss several ice cubes into the pots daily to water the plants while the ice cubes melt in the heat.

Deodorize A Garbage Disposal

Food particles have a tendency to build up on your garbage disposal blades over time. If your kitchen stinks because of it, ice cubes are an easy solution.

Quick Fix: Once a week, toss ice cubes down your disposal and run it for a few seconds. The debris will be knocked off the blades by the sharp edges of the ice cubes.  

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genius uses for ice cubes

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