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Don't Let That Next Shopping Trip Derail Your Home Organization

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Must... Ditch... All... The... Things...

We've all done the drill. We clean out the clutter, smile proudly, then find our house in chaos and bursting at the seams again 6 months later. What the heck happened?

don't let that next shopping trip derail your home organization

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Stop The Insanity!

One problem might be our shopping habits, so before you take that cute little sundress or adorable journal that was on sale to the register, ask yourself some questions:

(Ask the same questions about freebies as well. It may be free, but that doesn't mean that it belongs in your home.)

Do I already have something similar?

Seriously... just how many slotted spoons does one woman need? And do you REALLY need another t-shirt to work out in? Why do you even have that cake stand in your buggy? You already have one in the cabinet that you only use 3 times a year. 

Before you even lay hands on the item you're admiring in the store, do an honest check with yourself and think about whether or not you already have something similar. If you do:

Put... it... down... and... walk... away...

Unless you're me... then flouncing away is a perfectly acceptable alternative... 

Is it something I will use on a regular basis?

My friend gave me a bread maker one time. I brought it home excitedly and placed it carefully in the pantry. I looked up recipes. I bought yeast. I bought a bread mix. I bought sesame seeds to sprinkle around. I dreamed of impressed guests who drooled over the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house.

I proudly made my first batch. Once that was done, what happened next?

Never... touched... the... sucker... again...

So before you buy that machine that turns bananas into 'ice cream' or that nifty pasta making set, remember that God made Sonic and Olive Garden for a reason.

Where will it go when I get it home?

Ok... ok... you've gone through the first two questions and have convinced yourself that you desperately need that chocolate fondue fountain to entertain guests this weekend. 

Close your eyes... now imagine... the party's over... the guests have left... you're cleaning the kitchen... where are you going to put your lovely new item? 

If you can't immediately pinpoint an area where it will COMFORTABLY go, then it's probably going to be clutter that will wind up in a garage sale next summer. 

Over To You

Time to fess up! Which purchase have you made that deserves a buyer's walk of shame?

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