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Do You Have Any Side Jobs?

Budget Extra Income Ideas

Money! Money! Money!

Braces... school trips... sports... toys... that wayward eraser trapped in the nose that results in a doctor's visit... 


What? I know I'm not the only parent who ever saw that last one!

Raising little people is hard work and any parent can tell you that unexpected expenses seem to be a part of child-rearing. 

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How Do You Meet Expenses?

As a single momma with no help from the ex, I often find myself falling short of cash. To make up for it, I do side jobs. 

  • I pull extra duty at school. It's very tiring because I literally have no breaks every day, but it adds a few hundred dollars to my bottom line every month. 
  • I own a few gift shops around the web. These do very well around Christmas and pay for my holiday expenses every year. 
  • I sell on Amazon. 
  • A few years ago, I worked for the Census Bureau. I'm looking out for info on hiring because the next Census will be coming up shortly. It pays well and the mileage really adds up because I live in a rural area. 
  • I blog. Yep. I blog... and I love it. I've always been a writer at heart and blogging lets me get paid for enjoying that guilty pleasure. 

With this venture, I'll also be exploring other ways to make money like writing books and owning a YouTube channel.

I'd like to get as many passive income streams flowing into my basket as possible. I still make money from gift items I added to online shops 10 years ago. It's a REALLY gratifying feeling every time I see a sale from an older design that I'm still benefiting from. 

Over To You!

How about you? Is your budget on track or do you also seem to have shortfalls every month? What do you do to make up the difference?

KayeCee... Caffeinated Organization Queen

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