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DIY Bath Soaks For Winter

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Is Your Skin Parched Too?

The holidays are over, but winter is still upon us bringing misery to our bodies... parched skin from dry weather... congestion from nasty winter colds... bloat from comfort foods... what's a girl to do? 

Unwind with a steamy bath, of course! Nothing's better on a chilly night... unless The Rock calls or something... *glances at phone*

Yeah... looks like I'll be heading to the tub. *sigh*

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Here are my favorite 3 DIY soaks for the winter:

Bath Soak Recipe for Dry Skin

Winter really does a number on our skin! The dry air and cold winds do nothing but parch us! My daughter's eczema ALWAYS flares up with the winter weather! :(

We love this soak because milk's lactic acid works as a light exfoliant and hydrates skin. The grapeseed oil's omega-6 fatty acids soak into the skin to improve moisture balance and calm the inflammation that flares up. This combo definitely helps with Vallory's eczema and gives our skin a smoother texture.

Bath Soak Recipe for Congestion

Stuffy noses are the worst! Yuck! You can't even think because your head feels so heavy and congested! 

Unfortunately, the warmer weather from this winter seems to have brought a stuffy nose plague to our area. EVERYONE'S having sinus issues! 

Since you don't feel like doing anything other than soaking in the tub, you might as well heal yourself while unwinding. The eucalyptus oil in this recipe packs a one-two punch: it cuts down on mucus production while killing germs with its antibacterial properties. 

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory. As you breathe in, it clears sinus passages and reduces sinus pressure. 

Bath Soak Recipe for Bloat

Between the winter comfort food that we indulge in and the lack of exercise due to colder weather, our lymph system can become sluggish. This results in bloated feelings from water retention. 

This bath recipe uses the menthol in peppermint oil to rev up your circulation to get your lymph system flowing again. The magnesium in the Himalayan sea salt then absorbs into the skin to help flush fluids. 

Over To You!

Do you have any favorite bath recipes for winter? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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