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Decluttering Your Recurring Payments

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You're In Beast Cleaning Mode, Aren't You?

Everyone's in such a decluttering frenzy with the dawn of a new year, but here's something I'll bet you've neglected to declutter... recurring payments!

I've spent the last couple of years of my life decluttering because I moved from my 2,500 square foot house into an apartment. Clothes... furniture... knick knacks... you name it... I ditched it!

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The Clutter Gremlins Are Out To Get Me...

One thing that keeps haunting me is recurring payments. With my business, it's been too easy for me to sign up for a product trial, then forget about it.

I should know better. It's the goal of these companies that offer free trials to peel at least one full payment out of your wallet because you forget. 

And what do I do?



Let's Get Busy & Clear That Financial Clutter!

So I've spent the last few weeks combing through Paypal and bank statements looking for recurring payments that I could ditch. I wound up saving myself around $50 per month... and $15 of it was for a gym that I haven't walked through the doors of in 5 years! YEESH! 

But wait...

If you're anything like me, you're lost in the middle of your Paypal account right now, aren't you?

Sometimes your Paypal account isn't very user friendly and it's hard to find things that you need. No worries! I've got your back with the quick tip guide below. 

How To Find Recurring Payments in Paypal

Over To You!

In the comments, tell us what you're doing to declutter your personal finances!

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