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3 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a form of marketing that allows you to communicate directly with your audience while cutting out the middle man. Every blog should invest heavily in their email marketing campaigns.

Unlike social media marketing, you're not relying on a third party to pass on your message and you won’t lose all of your hard work if your members decide to delete their account.

Email marketing will also help you to convert your readers far more efficiently than any other form of marketing. The simple reason for this is that email marketing is much more personal. These are messages that will end up right in your visitors’ inboxes – just as though they were messages from a friend or relative.

How Can You Improve Your Email Marketing?

In order to do email marketing right, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. Read on for some of the most important pointers.

improve email marketing

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Be Personal

Tip number one is to make sure that your emails are personal in tone. We've already discussed that email marketing is more personal, so you need to match that tone in your writing if you're going to make your emails more engaging and interesting.

But this has another advantage too – it will help you get past, not only the spam filter more efficiently, but also the ‘social’ and ‘marketing’ email boxes found on Outlook and Gmail.

Use the recipient’s name (most autoresponders include this feature) and make sure that your messages use a regular letter-type structure.

Maintain Your List and Target

Your ‘Sender Reputation’ is a score that is linked with your IP address and/or domain in much the same way that a credit score can be linked with a particular social security number. The idea of a 'sender reputation' is that it will reflect the quality of your emails on a whole and whether or not you should be allowed to ‘get through’ to your readers.

There are many things that will cause you to get a bad score. One of these things is your bounce rate. If lots of your emails bounce, this can badly affect your score.

Another factor is your open rate and if none of your emails get opened, this will hurt you too.

The same goes for complaints, of course.

So that means you need to focus on the quality of your list more than the size. Are these people who really read your blog and who really asked to be here? This is why you must never buy contacts. Likewise, if you have people who never open your messages – delete them!

Use the Right Incentive

An incentive is a free gift, like an ebook or report, that you give away to new subscribers. This is a great tool for encouraging people to sign up, but it’s important to be very careful when using it.

The wrong incentive can actually harm your mailing list. If it’s too valuable, for instance, then people will sign up only to get the free gift and then never open your messages. Now we know how very bad this is for sender reputation!

Did any of these tips help you? What do you need to improve on in your email marketing?


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improve email marketing

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