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3 Easy Ways To Ramp Up Your Anti-Aging Routine With Collagen

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Collagen is a protein that holds everything in your body together. Collagen in our skin is needed to replace dead cells and helps new cells to grow.

Unfortunately, we lose collagen as we age and our skin starts to show wear and tear.

Read on for 3 easy ways to get the benefits of additional collagen.

how to boost collagen

Need To Erase Fine Lines?

If you have small creases by your mouth or eyes that you need to erase, switch to a soluble collagen face cream. Your skin will quickly absorb the tiny protein fragments and you'll see tiny lines start to smooth out. At the same time, using collagen cream will help prevent new lines from forming. 

Collagen creams containing amino acids and peptides will help to increase your body's natural collagen production even more. You should start seeing results in about 4 weeks.

Struggling With Deep Furrows?

If your skin has deeper furrows, pair the collagen cream mentioned above with a collagen supplement. Supplementing with collagen delivers it to deeper layers of the skin through the bloodstream. 

For best results, take a collagen supplement that has vitamin C, which will help stimulate collagen production as well. Like the collagen cream, results should be noticeable in about 4 weeks. 

Do You Have Sagging Skin?

If your skin is starting to droop, you'll need a bigger boost of collagen. A doctor or an aesthetician can perform a procedure called micro-needling. This in-office treatment makes tiny pricks in the skin with a mini roller that is covered with tiny needles.

Your body recognizes the 'injuries' and ramps up collagen production in order to heal them. This additional collagen firms sagging skin by increasing elasticity. These procedures can cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000.

Smart Fix: Buy a derma roller to get similar results at home for a fraction of the cost. These devices cost $25 to $50 and are simple to use.

Twice a week, roll the derma roller over the skin horizontally, then immediately apply collagen cream to the area. Never go over the same section more than twice during one session. You should see a difference in 6-8 weeks. 

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how to boost collagen        how to boost collagenhow to boost collagen

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