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2018 Calendar Must-Haves For Your Wall!

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Well, I can't believe this year is already halfway over! Sadly, so is my summer break! As usual, I don't think I accomplished a quarter of what's on my list yet! 


2018 calendar must-haves


One thing that took me by surprise lately is that some of the artists I hang with are already antsy for the 2018 calendar templates to become available at some of the companies we sell through so that they can get products up! 

Of course, that raised my curiosity about whether or not there were any 2018 calendars for sale already. One thing led to another and I wound up wandering down the rabbit hole of beautiful calendars for next year.

I found that Calendars.com already has several available in-stock or for pre-order. They're currently running a summer sale with the coupon code: SUMMER. You'll get $5 off plus free shipping if you make a $35 purchase!

Here's a peek at my favorites so far:


2018 Calendar by Valerie McKeehan

First up is a gorgeous 2018 calendar from renowned chalkboard artist Valerie McKeehan. It features several of Val’s most popular chalk art drawings depicting recipes, like peach cobbler and gazpacho.

I know that we're still a few months away from full-blown holiday shopping, but if you're like me, you'll start early! This would make the perfect Christmas gift for foodies or anyone who loves a bit of modern nostalgia. 


2018 calendar by Valerie McKeehan


2018 Rooster Kitchen Towel Calendar

We're wild about chickens. My 3-year old great-niece loves to feed them. As soon as they see her get out of the car, they come running to the front yard because they know that she'll stand at the front door and toss bread to them. 

I really like this rooster calendar. It has that vintage retro look that I like AND it's a kitchen towel. I think it would look great hanging from my oven handle. 


2018 rooster kitchen towel calendar


2018 Cat Wars Calendar

Ok, I'll admit! I rolled when I saw this one. I love cats AND I'm a sci-fi geek! If you're a Star Wars and science fiction fan with a sense of humor, you've got to click over to see all of the photos included. The kitty warriors are sure to vanquish evil and win the Cat Wars.


2018 cat Star Wars calendar


2018 Dogma Mini Wall Calendar

 Ok. Ok. I can't do a cat calendar without putting a dog calendar up! 

This sweet little mini wall calendar will pull at your heart strings. It features the beautiful photography of Ron Schmidt and will give you a new inspirational image each month. Dogs sure do have a great outlook on life.

Even if you're not interested in buying a calendar right now, you've got to click over to Calendars.com and take a peek at some of his dog photography. It'll make you smile. 


2018 dogma calendar by ron schmidt


2018 Astronomy Wall Calendar


Taking a drive on a clear night always makes me wonder what it would be like to be able to travel to other worlds. Looking up at the night sky at all of the stars never fails to make me feel so small. 

These 12 astronomy images were compiled by stargazing authority Terence Dickinson. You might know him as the author of NightWatch. The photos in this series were captured by both amateur astronomers and some of the world's most powerful telescopes. You'll find images ranging from meteor showers to eclipses in this stunning calendar. 


2018 astronomy calendar by Terence Dickinson


2018 Hunter's Desk Calendar

As a Southern lady, I know more than my fair share of hunters. This calendar caught my eye because of it. This would definitely make the perfect gift for any of them. It not only features a beautiful photo every day, but it's also filled with handy tips about guns and game. 

2018 hunter's calendar


2018 Word Origin Desk Calendar

Yeah... yeah... I'm showing my geekiness all OVER this post! LOL 

As a bibliophile AND a teacher, I was immediately drawn to this one! It's a cool desk calendar that features the origin of an obscure word or phrase every day. It's a great way to expand your knowledge of the English language and would make a great gift for book lovers. 

2018 word origin desk calendar


That's a wrap from me! What's your favorite calendar theme? Do you have one that you generally gravitate towards each year, or do you just take whichever freebie the bank sends your way?



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